MELT for Actor – Elissa Middleton

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Thank you Gail for such an amazing class today. Still feel so good and centered. Hope to do more with you soon.

MELT – Loreen Enright

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Oh my heavens!! I am standing, breathing, twisting, consciously aware of every movement my body is making and feeling ….. and the way I have been holding my head.
You, the MELT and the breath work are such a gift to my life!
If we can do next week…. I would love that!

I cannot thank you enough. My breathing, which directly effects my body feels like there is light for me instead of struggling to breathe.

I love you and thank you!

MELT for Actors – Roxann Remekie

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MELT has changed my life. Before it, I was hyperextended in my legs, with a very powerful breathing mechanism that was severely stifled due to trauma and stress. Through these gentle and subtle motions in MELT, my body continuously releases all kind of tension and knots. It brings all my muscles together to breathe freely and effortlessly. I feel so grounded as an actress, connected to my essence as a woman, and part of nature as a human being. Did I say I love it?

MELT for Actos – Laura Smith

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I love the new confidence I feel in my voice. It’s amazing to me that for years I’ve been straining my breath to read copy, sing and just communicate. In a very short amount of time I’ve been able to break some bad habits and find my self confidence and powerful voice.

Voice & Speech – Pia Haddad

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Now, when I perform, I can really feel how much more powerful my voice can be thanks to the work that Gail taught.

MELT for Actors – Elisa Bocanegra

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Elisa Bocanegra

When I first visited Gail’s class, I had a recurring lower back problem. After countless chiropractor visits, I just assumed I was going to have to learn to live with it. After one, just one, visit to Gail I began to feel better. The deep breathing exercises connected with the physical stretching made my pain go away. I live in Los Angeles where driving does a number on most performers. Now I have something to look forward to when I get to NYC…Gail Bell and her work making me feel 100% better! It’s not only healing, it’s preventative and I sound much better onstage! Take this class!

MELT – Veronique Bouche-Rouet

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Gail’s Melt class is a breath of fresh air, a welcome parentheses to my busy life.
Gail’s passion and energy are addictive. The exercise sessions are intense, precise and focused, yet not strenuous. The concept of self healing or what I would call gentle healing, towards attaining a better balance and control of the body is very powerful and effective.
I love Gail’s class, I feel like a new women.

MELT for Actors – Philip Hernandez

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Gail Bell’s M.E.L.T class is wonderful! I enthusiastically recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to use their voice to maximum effect!

Voice & Speech – Gwendolyn Evans

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Gail is more than a teacher; she’s a Master. Under her tutelage, my life-long high pitch voice has evolved into to an appealing, balanced sound.

MELT – Elissa Middleton

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Elissa Middleton

Breath, spinal alignment, mind-body connection: Everything an actor needs most Gail Bell liberates and activates with the techniques she so clearly presents in her MELT classes. No other approach has been as useful for me – yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais. After Gail’s workshop I can now do her MELT method on my own and bring my voice, spine and emotions all to bear as I need them. However I still love to drop in to her classes whenever I can, as the depth of her understanding enriches the work every time I’m lucky enough to experience it.