MELT – Katie Mace

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Melt has had an immediate calming effect on chronic tension in my neck and shoulders, which I had not been able to lessen with various other modalities, including yoga, Feldenkrais and tai chi.
Gail is a superb, thoughtful, and dynamic teacher whose background as a voice and breathing expert is a wonderful asset to our Melt practice. Her classes are an essential part of my lifestyle!

Voice & Speech – Liana Afuni

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Liana Afuni

Gail’s class has really transformed a lot of things for me – brought many things that I wasn’t aware of to the forefront with my breath / tension and habits – it hasn’t just transformed my acting.
It has helped my day to day breathing – which is a huuuuuuge source of tension in my life – connecting to a deeper breath has helped me tire less in exercising too – I’m confident that reinforcing the practice over and over will make things a lot easier for my body and eventually it will be a more of a natural action.

MELT for Actors – Jerry Nessis

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Taking Gail’s class had such a profound effect on my body, my breath and my voice. I have been in other classes before that focus on these areas, but Gail’s integration of the MELT technique and Breathing Coordination goes above and beyond in understanding the interconnectedness of the various elements of a performer’s instrument. I felt more present in each moment and more connected to the depths of my emotional life. Most of all, I was amazed at how the range and resonance of my voice had expanded with just a short warm-up using the tools she provides. I highly recommend her class to all performers.